QuestionWhere would I find the Javert stuff? Answer

Are you asking about where you can buy the clothes included, or for a set? All of the items can be found on my polyvore page; and I’m fairly certain I’ve posted a Javert set but I can’t seem to find it! I can definitely make one if you’re asking about that!

EDIT: I just found my Javert set; here’s the link where you can find all the clothes and where they’re from! 

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QuestionHi so you posted a homecoming outfit for Gabe Goodman and I absolutely love it! I tried to find the dress and I couldn't find it anywhere in there. I clicked the link and went to polyvore and clicked the item but it just took me to a picture of it. Do you by chance have a link to the dress in an online store somewhere? Thanks! Btw this is on anon because I'm too lazy to log inxD Answer

Hi there! I tried to find it within polyvore and I ran into the same problem! I realized that because the person who added it to polyvore just used a jpeg image; which is why you only got a picture. I did some googleing, and I found two places- ax paris, and sears. I’m putting a link to both because the immediate price at AX is cheaper, but depending on where you live, once shipping is added on, sears may be cheaper. 


AX Paris

QuestionWhere would I find the pieces for the Eponine outfit? Answer

(I’m answering both your asks here.) 

The first time I post an outfit, I include a link to my polyvore page as well as source the picture to the same page where you can find all of the items I used, so if it’s a first time post, just click the name or the picture.

Anyway,  Here is the Eponine outfit, (posted before I started hyperlinking things) and here is the Javert outfit

Cosette from Les Miserables 

Cosette from Les Miserables 

I just saw the Les Mis movie… so many feels! 
So naturally I’m queueing up some looks from Les Mis! 

I just saw the Les Mis movie… so many feels! 

So naturally I’m queueing up some looks from Les Mis! 

Introducing a new line for 2013: Theatrefashion, children’s style!

Do you have a young child in your life who you’re introducing to live theatre? Wouldn’t they love to go see a show dressed as one of the characters in the show? I would have loved that as a child!


Happy New Year from theatrefashion! 

My New Years Resolution is to keep up with this blog more! 2013 will bring new posts, new shows, and new styles.  I will also be working at the Disney College Program, so I’ll be very busy, but I promise to update and queue up posts on my day off.

What is your new years resolution? And is there anything more you want to see from this blog this year?